Hey there, I'm Asha

I deeply love life, food, and everything related to health. 

Nature is my greatest inspiration; my dharma is to remove the stigma of ageism for a healthier and happier world. This issue requires a progressive and broad vision that extends beyond physical beauty.

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Good Eats & Tasty Bites

I am passionate about food and love preparing and enjoying pleasurable dishes with my loved ones. Through decades of my culinary journey, I have learned that healthy eating can be flavorful, delicious, and hearty with the right approach. 

Below is a short video clips featuring a mix of classic and avant-garde cooking that I've put together over time.

Whether you are a vegan, carnivore, ketovore, omnivore, or somewhere in between, these home-cooked meals are meant to please your palate and bring health and joy to your kitchen.

The music accompanying the clips is all original compositions by my hubby, Russill Paul. 

Your Friend In All Things Healthy

The cooking video clips below feature my take on some of India's most popular meat dishes, such as pork Vindaloo and butter chicken. 

For my vegan and vegetarian friends, these clips include some delicious veggie options.

The dessert is a delightful egg and dairy-free treat that everyone can enjoy!


Unlock the secrets of healthy aging and reverse the effects of time!

Stay tuned for an in-depth and transformative experience tailored to provide you with brainwave meditations for healthy aging, the art of smart cooking, immunity-boosting supplements, life hacks to combat loneliness, visualization techniques to unlock your mind's potential for deep healing and contentment, and much more.



I have been fortunate to directly experience the benefits of Asha's  physical, emotional & spiritual wellness programs. It has enabled me to shed many layers of conditioning, to gain clarity and a heightened awareness of my true self. 

Her guided meditations were a lifeline during some difficult times. Asha's work is deep and practical. 

Marilyn Wan M.A. Retd. High School teacher, Vancouver Canada


During my knee surgery, Asha's systematic approach to support and her ability to make me feel emotionally comfortable was a tremendous relief. 

Her non-pressuring nature allowed me to navigate the process at my own pace, providing a sense of security and reassurance.

Mike Cloud Veteran and business owner, Reno Nevada, United States of America


Depression, insomnia, and my overactive bladder are no longer an issue. 

My whole lifestyle has improved to a different level than I ever thought possible.

It never ceases to amaze me how caring, open, and magnanimous you are, Asha. Thank you.

Mirella Zampi  Executive assistant and Yoga teacher, London, United Kingdom